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The value of car models

Was as "automobile miniature" model car has become the world toy manufacturer's pet. According to the concerned data shows, the annual sales in China's automobile nearly 10 million,while nearly 2 billion in sales models. In the year and still 17speed


  "Models" is the abbreviation of car models, refers to the completely according to real car models, structure, color and internal decoration components made by FangZhenPin with reduced proportion. The image of car models representing foreign exchange, also is enterprise most often gift. When New Year of auto launched by many fans against all competes peek crazy robbed. The development of learned, draw hundreds of years of history, is the earliest models by old Ford car factory production. Nowadays, the car factory production models, but generally not fixed to a third party manufacturer authorized for the production. At present, the world draw influential brand mainly in the USA, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong, model usually have a 1:8 proportions, 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87 species are, etc, sports car, saloon car, truck and bus series, etc. In China's many model car manufacturer home, following good model products Co., ltd., perfect supporting facilities, production flow thinning and professional technology, European Union, the United States has made multiple security authentication. Following good model products Co., LTD r&d ability outstanding, accept entrust manufacturing OEM/ODM products for customers already pervaded the eu, Japan, the United States and other countries regions.


 Unusual toys - models


Many die-hard fans think so: although draw models in ACTS appeared on the surface, but in the toy car but essentially with ordinary toy car has the very big difference. Among them, the main difference is the controlled version is car models in appearance, size, in addition to outside, all components difference according to car components shrink and become, in a small models in, has hundreds of spare parts, for the people, play cars each parts may have a unusual significance. Add in a certain extent models record the evolution of auto culture, can see each brand development process. While ordinary toy cars is apparent models, and any car brands have no direct connection. If want to put a toy car models, that, at least, is a special significance of toy cars. On this point, almost all of the model car manufacturers believe unceasingly.


 Collect gifts to his taste


As auto into the common people's life, the public interest and concerns of cars, car model more as a masterly artwork, a car, the carrier of culture, plus its own have investment value and appreciation potential, are attracting more and more collect lover to join this huge camp. For collectors, it draw as models and automobile and automobile culture, is a carrier. Maybe fans friends couldn't sit to hug numerous car, but can let the floor in the home, bedding, desk "climbing" full various models, like 1912 ford type A car, the beatles, 1939 the earliest Rolls-Royce, F1 track each super car... Regardless of the type of of primitive simplicity, modern, have the country still average homes may enter the beloved friend, become fans, become gift buffets. Some people also specialising in i , even heavy vehicle, such as early liberation heavy card, bulldozer, forklift, tractors, bus, etc. At present, Hong Kong and Taiwan etc in Europe and the developed countries and districts, and almost every family has a few) or more model car, and committed to the simulation models collection and directs also numerous car model development, makes each automobile manufacturers, for the visiting foreign guests, presenting new models of government ministers and propaganda and necessary car image products.


Model car collection value embodies in historical value, craft value, the appreciation value, the collection value and cultural value. Through the collection car model not only can cultivate one's morality raises a gender, improve the quality of life, relieve pressure, increase the pleasure, also can increase automobile aspects of knowledge. Will draw itself, because it is the real representation of prototype vehicles, the main structure and appearance car with reduced proportion interior displayed by the way, can make its car models of cars each component has a comprehensive understanding. Especially some currently being discontinued master vehicles, through the models to know is is a good method. It is the process of collection, in order to draw models, lovers is collection will be more concerned with the domestic and foreign automobile industry information dynamic. For the car brand production, background, the designer's style, automobile development history, such as auto culture will also look more and more profound, virtually increased collectors car culture and automobile knowledge. For collectors speaking, collection "play" models besides can draw, but also may lead to rise. According to introducing, due to the complex, production models manufacturing process is less, belong to authorize production, mould cannot of long-term use, make models belong to "out of print" product appreciation potential is huge. In the very high level of JiCang models, had a German world amount is little cars model, a 60 million mark bidding purchased.


Collecters should understand producers


Because it is a manufacturer of production, different authorized only production of different brands car models, understand the key producer is to collect models. According to the dongguan good model products Co., LTD controller introduces, models on the market, the international well-known brand models than not well-known brand value of your severalfold even draw on ten times. And, as with true car models, the company's products style vary greatly. More popular in domestic brand from Japan and Thailand, local model car manufacturers agglomeration dongguan. Following good model products Co., LTD. After ten years of development, gradually expand the scale at the same time, efforts to develop under its own brand name in south China, shouldering the expanding car models, sets up the profession model of production, the great responsibility to meet the customer the consistent praise won at home and abroad.